By: Dan Slott (Writer), Steve McNiven (Pencils)

Brand New Day continues with Dan Slott’s second issue with old web head. What’s interesting here is his use of continuity. Mr. Negative now has an interesting tie with Spider-Man’s 2007 Free Comic Book Day issue and also an early story from Amazing Spider-Man from the late 1960s. The story still feels a bit crammed with so many sub-plots going on (Jameson’s heart attack, the fate of the Bugle, Harry Osborn and company, Mr. Negative, and the thief posing as Spider-Man – whew!). There’s one instance when Spidey gets in a fight with a bunch of thugs and what seems to be a page later, he’s saved the day with no bad guys around.

Other than this minor qualm, the story is interesting, not to mention wildly entertaining. What really got me is the last page where Spidey seems to meet his doom. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but I will say it made me laugh out loud (for all the right reasons). I may have hated One More Day, but I’m really digging Brand New Day and the weekly format. It just feels right – especially with the frantic pace of Dan Slott’s storytelling. Not as strong as last issue, but a good read nonetheless.
Steve McNiven’s art is a godsend to this title and it’s a pity we’re only going to see him for three issues. I could say the same for Dan Slott, but word is he’ll eventually be back for another story arc this year. (Grade: B+)

-J. Montes