By: Tom Defalco (Writer), Ron Frenz (Pencils), Sal Buscema (Inks)

There’s a lot of drama going on in Spider-Girl’s life. She’s broken up with her boyfriend. Her mom’s starting a job at her high school. Hey brother may have permanently lost his hearing and his spider powers appear to be manifesting themselves. On top of all this, someone’s hired an assassin to take her out!

Little is known about this assassin other than her name is Deadspot and she can initiate a heart attack on her victim with the slightest touch. Using a special suit that renders her invisible, May’s only defense against Deadspot is her spider sense. The real question here is who hired Deadspot to kill May and how does she know her secret identity?

After last month’s 10th anniversary issue, ASG #16 marks a nice jumping on point for new readers. Granted there’s an existing story that’s continuing, it’s quite easy to catch on to what’s going on. Tom DeFalco writes in that old school Marvel style that does a little over-explaining for new readers. Sure, it’s redundant for us regular readers, and it feels a bit formulaic, but anyone that’s read Marvel comics for the past 10 to 20 years should feel right at home.

The storytelling is strictly old school fun and Ron Frenz, god bless him, just gets better with age. While many modern artists concentrate on just the characters, Frenz gives you the whole package with beautiful backdrops and dynamic angles. Unlike many of his peers, he’s a complete artist. Being someone who was raised on the DeFalco / Frenz run of the 1980s, it gives me nothing but happiness to pick up this book month after month. (Grade: B+)

-J. Montes