By: Paul Dini (Writer), Dustin Nguyen (Pencils)

Let’s face it, the whole Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul storyline that’s been running the past couple of months has been a complete let down. For those of you who missed the storyline, consider yourself blessed. This issue of Detective Comics acts as the Epilogue of the Ra’s Al Ghul resurrection and it makes for one hell of an entertaining read. What’s nice about this book is that it acts not only as a bookend to the aforementioned storyline, but it’s also a good stand-alone issue as well; anyone can pick this up and enjoy it for what it is.

Ra’s Al Ghul confronts Batman and explains his disappointment in him and how he plans to move into Gotham to basically make Batman’s life a living hell. At this point, Bruce seems to have had enough. What follows is what Bruce will do when pushed too far. It’s smart, devious, and even cruel, but in many ways it’s justified. Detective Comics #840 has very strong dialogue and characterizations by Paul Dini. I’m not a regular Batman reader, but I can easily say that this is Dini at the top of his game and an issue not to be missed. Dustin Nguyen provides some shaky storytelling at the beginning of the issue (the action is portrayed a bit off), but finishes very strong. (Grade: A-)

-J. Montes