By: Ed Brubaker & Matt Fraction (Writers), Dave Aja (Pencils)

While there’s not much fighting to be seen in this issue, the current story takes a twist when Danny Rand (Iron Fist) discovers a quiet revolution readying itself deep inside K’un-Lun. The HYDRA sub-plot stagnates a bit here as all seems to be in place for them, which means we’re getting pretty close to the climax of this story. Immortal Iron Fist #12 serves as a set up for things to come, and because of this, it’s not as strong as previous issues.

Things, however, do get interesting as a new character, the Prince of Orphans shows up to teach Davos a lesson. What his true intentions are, are held until the end of the book, but in true Brubaker/Faction fashion (no pun intended), the cliff hanger leavings you drooling for more.

Regular artist, Dave Aja is joined by two other artists this issue and only handles a few pages himself. As you can imagine, he’s given the task of rendering the action shots, and it’s just so brilliantly done that the rest of the issue suffers; the other artists are completely dwarfed by his brilliant work. (Grade: B)

-J. Montes