By: Dan Slott (Writer), Steve McNiven (Pencils)

Brand New Day Part 1 featured Peter Parker kissing a beautiful girl on the splash page. Part 2 had Peter giving J. Jonah Jameson mouth to mouth on the splash page. Part 3? Well, I’m not gonna spoil it for you. Let’s just say Dan Slott’s having a lot of fun with his three issue run and we’re all winners because of it.

Like last issue, this one’s loaded with humor and fun. And while I have noted that it seemed like there was a bit too much going on with all the sub-plots, Slott has somehow managed to tie-up all the loose ends within 24 pages. It’s really well done, too – no “Awww come on, this is BS” moments! I’ve been paying pretty close attention to this storyline (as non-serious as it is), and I’ve got to say, I haven’t been this engrossed by Spider-Man in years. The way Slott throws a twist on Mr. Negative’s alter ego completely caught me off-guard! Why does he look like Chow Yun Fat anyway?

Steve McNiven’s art? This guy doesn’t need anymore accolades. You know what you’re gonna get from him: the good stuff.

I’ll always hate Joe Quesada for taking MJ away from Peter and ruining continuity with poor storytelling, but I’ll be the first to admit that this new stuff is fun. Whether the next creative team will be able to build upon what Dan Slott has masterfully (and almost effortlessly) created, is something we’ll find out soon. Very soon. (Grade: A)

-J. Montes