By: Greg Pak (Writer), Khoi Pham (Pencils)

Let’s face it, World War Hulk’s ending was pretty disappointing. And honestly, I thought this book was going to go downhill when it became a “Hercules” book, but I was wrong about Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente – this book is actually a lot of fun! Herc’s relationship with Amadeus Cho is just plain fun.

The two play of each other like comedic duo – one being the brains, the other the brawn. Cho want to destroy SHIELD and Herc wants to run. Ares enters the mix as Hercules life long adversary and craziness ensues. Pak and Lente accomplish a lot this issue as Ares pursues Hercules with a weapon that’ll put him down for good. The whole back story on this weapon is explained in a mythological sense and makes for very good reading.

Khoi Pham’s art is to die for. I think this is my first encounter with his art (if I’ve seen it before, I’ve not really noticed), but his art on the flashback sequences is amazing. When Hercules goes nuts, his facial expressions are simultaneously funny and psychotic. This book is a pleasant surprise. (Grade: A-)

-J. Montes