By: Mike Carey (Writer), Chris Bachalo (Pencils)

I didn’t think the X-writers could pull it off, but they did. They, for the most part, wrapped up this storyline and showed us a taste of things to come. The “Messiah” child’s identity isn’t exactly revealed, but people will draw their own conclusions. And that’s fine, I can live with that.

The Madrox storyline is left unresolved, however but it looks like that story will unfold in X-Factor very soon. Predator X was almost a useful plot device here, but the person I thought he killed was left alive. The reveal is held until the last 4-5 pages of the book, and boy is it a big one! I’m not gonna say what happens, but let’s hope Mephisto doesn’t show up in the X-Books anytime soon. It really came out of left field, but one nagging thing that wasn’t answered is if the antagonist was left alive or dead. More questions, ugh.

All in all, this is a fitting end to the Messiah Complex. I’ve never expected much when X-Titles crossover, but this one’s been pretty good. It started off slow and chugged along for 10 issues, but the last three chapters have paid off. I also liked the way they ended this book – not all hope is lost for mutant kind. (Grade: B)

-J. Montes