By: Joss Whendon (Writer), John Cassaday (Pencils)

This story was supposed to conclude this issue. Instead, Joss Whedon keeps us hanging on for a giant sized issue due out who knows when. It’s pretty disappointing too when you consider that virtually nothing forwards the story. What happens at the end of the book is the same as the beginning: The 10 mile long missile is still headed to Earth, the X-Men are still scrambling to stop it. Perhaps the only thing revealed to us is that the missile isn’t exactly a missile and the person Hank thinks may cause trouble for the X-Men is killed off.

The story flounders on all levels. Even Wolverine’s dialogue in this issue (“When do I get to be thrown again.”) comes off as stupid, failing to carry that Whedon charm that we’ve all come to expect. This is the first issue of Astonishing X-Men that I honestly didn’t like. So now what? We have to wait 2-3 more months for the conclusion that was due to us this issue?! Thanks for nothing, Whedon.

Oh, Cassaday’s artwork is lovely as expected. (Grade: D)

-J. Montes