By: Garth Ennis (Writer), Gary Erskine (Pencils)

When you think of Garth Ennis you probably think of sick, twisted, ultra-violent tales from Preacher and The Punisher. Well, unknowingly to a lot of you, he’s one hell of a science fiction writer as well. Dan Dare is based off an old British comic book character, and if you like books like FEAR Agent, you’ll probably enjoy this one as well. It’s not as chaotic and fun as that book, but it offers a good dose of science fiction.

Dan Dare #3 builds on the momentum established from the previous issues giving us an all out military battle on an alien planet while also giving us answers to the alien invaders’ motives. In a touching scene, Dan Dare carries an orphan child, explaining the complete history between his race, humans, and the alien invaders. The whole scene really works without dumbing down things for the reader. The dialogue and personalities (right down to the scared marines who want to go home), feel genuine and real.

I really can’t recommend this book enough. The pacing is perfect, the story is not decompressed, and Gary Erskine’s art is excellent. If you’re curious to see a different side of Garth Ennis or if you’ve ever wondered if he could write a different genre, this book is a must read. (Grade: A)

-J. Montes