By: Gail Simone (Writer), Terry Dodson (Pencils), Rachel Dodson (Inks)

I’ll admit, this is probably the first Wonder Woman story arc I’ve ever read. I’ve just never really been interested in her, but I love Terry Dodson’s art and I heard good things about Gail Simone so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Guess what? It was pretty darn good!

As a new reader I didn’t know much about Captian Nazi or those crazy gorillas Diana has on her side. Heck, I didn’t even know about her alter ego and how she doesn’t have powers when she’s in “identity form”. Yet, the story was easy to get into and it kept my interest. Issues #14-16 follow Diana as she goes up against Captain Nazi who is poised on taking over her mother’s island.

There’s also an interesting story going on with “The Circle” (which is also the name of this story arc), in which four women – each representing a direction on the compass, are appointed as Hippolyta’s protectors. When Hippolyta begins praying to Athena for a child (who will later become Diana), The Circle sees this as a threat and plot a conspiracy to stop the “madness” (i.e. the desire to have children) that they think will spread to the other Amazonian women.

Issue #17, due out next month, will conclude this four-part arc. If you’ve got the extra money, go out and pick up #14-16. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. (Grade: B+)

-J. Montes