By: Jim Shooter (Writer), Francis Manapul (Pencils)

I’m a big fan of Jim Shooter’s work – especially his Valiant stuff. When I heard he was coming back to comics to work on Legion of Super Heroes, I immediately ordered the title. The problem is I know nothing about the Legion! Upon reading his debut issue (#37), I was completely confused by the story and its characters. I just couldn’t follow it! Those familiar with the book seemed to love Shooter’s story, so I decided to continue buying the book. Besides, Francis Manapul’s art is utterly gorgeous.

Issue #38’s story is much easier to follow for newbies like me. I still don’t know much about the characters or why Lightning Lad ‘s so stressed out, but the action that takes place on Triton’s pretty cool (nicely done, Mr. Manapul), and the wanna-be new members that apply for the team are hilarious. But where is all this going?

It’s got to be leading somewhere, but from what I’ve seen so far the plot is giving me no indication on what’s gonna happen next. It’s almost like Shooter’s making this up as he goes along. The only thing I can surmise is Lightning Lad’s inevitable breakdown. I can always count on Manapul’s art to be good, but if I’m still confused by the end of next issue, I’m probably going to drop this book. (Grade: C)

-J. Montes