By: Brian Wood (Writer), David Gianfelice (Pencils)

I enjoyed DMZ so much that I decided to check out another Brian Wood offering, Northlanders #1. It sounded diverse enough: a Nordic tale of a man named Sven, coming home to his land in the north to reclaim the wealth and lands stolen from him by his ruthless uncle. Despite his motives, Sven, is not a very likable character. I understand that living in 980 AD was a vicious time, but this guy has zero charisma.

He kills messengers for no reason but to skewer them and carries a spoiled brat kind of mentality on his shoulders by claiming that this money is his and he’s entitled to that. Sorry, but I’m not rooting for him. In fact, I kept hoping his uncle would just kill him and the story would move on to another character. Sadly, Sven survives and a new character is brought in for the next issue. I’ll give this book one more issue before I decide whether I want to continue reading or not. Perhaps Northlander’s saving grace is its art which is wonderfully done by Davide Gianfelice. He’s got great storytelling skills and does a good job portraying the barren Viking landscape.

It seems like Brian Wood’s put a lot of research into this book, but I need more than just a revenge tale full of unlikeable characters who use modern curse words just because the author thinks it’ll make the book more edgy. (Grade: C-)

-J. Montes