By: Brian Wood (Writer), David Gianfelice (Pencils)

Northlanders is everything DMZ is not. Where as DMZ issues are, for the most part, self-contained stories, Northlanders stories are decompressed and pointless. DMZ’s art is jam-packed with with attention to details while Northlanders’ is a barren wasteland. However, David Gianfelice’s art in Northlanders isn’t bad. It’s very good. One could easily follow the book without ever reading a single line of dialogue. The problem with this particular issue is nothing happens. Sven, who is still the unlikeable protagonist, spends his days running from an archer, trying to rally oppressed villagers to his cause (uncharismatically), and has meaningless sex with a woman who has had the hots for him since he was a kid. I just can’t read this anymore.

Brian Wood may be trying to show diversity in his work by taking on this title, but it just shows how weak he can be as a storyteller. I can’t, in good faith, put any more money into this title. Maybe I’ll read someone else’s copy or wait for a trade, but there’s no way this book is worth $2.99. (Grade: D)

-J. Montes