By: Matt Fraction (Writer), Barry Kitson (Pencils)

If you’re not reading The Order, pick it up now! You’ve only got three issues left before it’s canceled. Now why would you want to start buying a doomed series? Because it’s still one of the best reads on the market.

Boy, can Barry Kitson draw! The first two pages of The Order #7 show plainly how talented this guy is. It’s not only superb storytelling, but it’s also a hell of a lot of art to gawk at. And like I said, it’s only the first two pages!

Namor’s got a wall of water towering above San Francisco and he could, at any moment, thrust it upon the city. Anthem, in the meantime, tries to convince Namor to spare the city from destruction. The panic that sets in San Francisco is grim reminder of what could happen when calamity sets in.

The interview Anthem has with Namor is pure entertainment. Namor has always been an ass, and you can tell he’s toying with Anthem the whole time. And yet, behind his self-righteousness and arrogance lies a lot of truth. Matt Fraction nails Namor down perfectly while giving readers a nice run-through on his storied past. How Anthem handles Namor at the end is just hilarious!

Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson are pure magic together. Breaking them up is a crime. After reading The Ultimates 3 #2, this book solidifies more contempt towards the decision making at Marvel Comics. How Marvel can cancel a series like this after issue #10 – a title which offers more realism and better storytelling than the Ultimates 3 ever could, is a mystery to me. (Grade: A+)

-J. Montes