By: Jeph Loeb (Writer), Joe Madureira (Pencils)

God, Ultimates 3 is just horrible. It completely destroys the “The Ultimates” lineage with its flamboyant story and art. I like Jeph Loeb as a writer and I like Joe Madureira as an artist, but book should be called something else, because compared to previous two Ultimates series, this is just crap. There’s the awful dialogue like Spider-Man yelling, “You shot me, screwball!” at Hawkeye (huh?!). But the biggest offender is Sabertooth’s, “Suck it!” Give me a break, Loeb. You’ve complete turned this series into a mockery of itself.

Nearly all the characters from the original Ultimates story lose their original outfits. Instead of a more realistic looking team, these guys are a bunch of cartoons again. There’s also inconsistencies in the art, like when Sabertooth slashes Captain America in the back. Clearly his uniform is torn in the back, but if you look at the corresponding panel below, Cap’s uniform is perfectly intact. What the hell?!

Loeb and Madureira are not only the wrong team for the Ultimates, but for the Ultimate Universe as well. This story may have played well to the comic book audience of the 1990s, but in 2008 it’s way behind in the times. (Grade: F)

-J. Montes