By: Bryan J.L. Glass (script), Michael Avon Oeming (art), Wil Quintana (colors)

Many people will undoubtedly compare The Mice Templar to Mouse Guard, and rightfully so. Both have come on to the comic book scene very recently and both touch upon similar medieval settings. The similarities end there, however. The Mice Templar’s world seems more adult, dangerous, and broad in scope. More epic, too. Don’t let the mouse theme get in the way of choosing one book over the other; I think both titles are distinguishably different and worth picking up.

Issue #3 continues to follow the “hero’s journey”. Karic and Pilot continue their trek across the Barren Lands and run into a horde of flesh eating ants. Meanwhile, Karic’s family continue on their prisoner march with the rats that captured them. The rats come across as ruthless warriors, running down and killing deer and smacking around their prisoners. Eventually, Karic finds himself alone without Pilot to protect him. This is when things get interesting and we’re left with a cliffhanger (dang it!).

Bryan Glass and Michael Avon Oeming have a nice story developing here – I just hope they don’t slow down the momentum; unlike the first two issues, there’s less story progression. The issue is meaty, though – coming in with 26 pages of story, plus a few more pages of supplemental material. At $2.99 it’s a heck of a deal. (Grade: B-)

– J.Montes