By Jason Aaron (writer), R.M. Guera (art), Giulia Brusco (colors)

Issues #6-11 deliver the grand opening of the Lakota casino. Things aren’t going very smoothly for the opening and Red Crow’s forced to deal with some Asian gangsters who send one of their own to deal with his protester problems. However, he never shows up, leaving me to believe he’ll be around for the next story arc. Meanwhile, the mysterious Catcher enters Bad Horse and Red Crow’s lives and turns things upside down for each one of them.

Catcher’s an interesting character. You’d think a book like this would have a crazy medicine man in it, and he sort of fits the type, but there’s a lot more modern mysticism about him. He’s rugged, weathered, and defeated by alcohol. But he’s still very much a man of the old ways. He sees the strangest things and it’s intriguing when we finally get to see out of his eyes. It’s not a big reveal when we find out who he is. In fact, I had my suspicions since issue #5. It’s also revealed to Bad Horse that there’s another FBI agent on the reservation. It’s quite obvious who it is, but it’s never told to Bad Horse who the person is.

After issue #9 things slow down. We get to learn more of Lakota culture and how awful life can be on a reservation. It’s depressing, to say the least. Issue #11, the final part of the Casino Boogie story line goes out with a whimper, bringing us back full circle to Gina’s demise. We get some answers, but there’s still a lot of outstanding questions looming. I wanted more from this story and felt kind of let down with the lack of resolution with Diesel. It’s also been rough having Bad Horse absent for three consecutive issues. (Grade: B)

– J. Montes