By Matt Fraction (writer), Gabriel Ba (art)

This book’s a strange one. It’s seven issues of self-contained stories that deal with this crazy spy / secret agent, Casanova Quinn, who works for his father’s organization (sort of), while also being blackmailed (by the bad guys) to work against his dad. If that wasn’t enough, his sister’s crazy and works for the bad guys, too. AND if that wasn’t enough, Casanova’s been yanked out of his original reality and put in a parallel universe (but he’s still working for said organizations and people).

Matt Fraction, who seems so grounded on books like The Order and Iron Fist lets loose and just goes crazy in this book. Like I said, this book’s strange. The plot of each story is simple, yet the dialogue, characters, and situations are sometimes convoluted and completely cerebral. I’ll admit, I have a love / hate relationship with this series. I think some of it might be due to the monochromatic coloring of the book. Some places or characters look too similar at times, or maybe it’s Gabriel Ba’s artwork. I really don’t know what it is, but there are times when it feels like a jumbled mess, yet upon closer inspection, it makes complete sense!

And those plots? They’re genius! Casanova stealing “God”? Priceless. A bunch of savage-minded natives living on remote island knowing more about quantum mechanics than the rest of the human race? Hilarious!

There’s a lot to love about Casanova, but sometimes you’ll be back-tracking through the story trying to figure out if you missed something. It has its head scratching moments, but maybe it’s because Matt Fraction’s just more smarter than the rest of us. (Grade: B+)

– J. Montes