By Robert Kirkman (writer), Charlie Adlard (art), Cliff Rathburn (colors)

It’s time again for The Walking Dead! How long has it been since last issue? It seems like two or three months ago!

The first third of this issue involve some quiet time in the prison. We see Rick preparing his son for the worst case scenario, unlikely strangers taking comfort amongst themselves, and small moments of family bonding. And then everything goes to hell. The cover of this issue doesn’t lie or mislead. What happens in the mid-section of this book is real and incredibly brutal. The Governor is a bastard, we know that, and he prepares his second round assault on the prison. But then we get one hell of a surprise.

Reading this issue reminds me why I prefer reading the trades. One can literally finish an issue in 5 minutes. And then what? You’ve got to wait a month (or much longer) for the next issue. It sucks, but waiting 4 months for a trade is worse – and that’s the only reason why I pick up the issues.

Robert Kirkman once again hooks us from page one and doesn’t let go. This series is consistently good and Kirkman has made well on his promises that no character is safe. Riveting. (Grade A-)

– J. Montes

A Second Opinion

I started reading the series a week ago based on Jay’s recommendation (I stole all his books) and now it sucks because I’ll have to wait a month in between issues. I didn’t pick this series up before because I thought it was “just another zombie story”. This series is extremely well done, with characters you grow to love and hate. Kirkman doesn’t want us to feel safe; any of the character is at risk.

This mantra is confirmed again with this issue. The Governor doesn’t have enough strength to hit with one hand, so he strikes several times, making for one hell of a brutal assassination. I do wonder why the survivors didn’t shoot at the governor while doing his deed (and out in the open). At least they could have saved one of them, (if Michone was captured as the Governor said). I saw the covers for future issues and it doesn’t look good for Rick and company. (Grade: B+)

-Daniel Yanez