By Brian Wood (writer, art), Riccardo Burchielli (art)

DMZ’s story continues as Matty finds himself caught in-between the struggle of the Free States and the United States. The Free States attempt to use him to get the U.S. to back out of the DMZ, honor the cease-fire, and send money. The U.S. tries to use him and another journalist that’s been taken hostage as a means of starting a full-scale war.

This volume puts Matty through some grueling situations. The Liberty station which half-heartedly supported his efforts in the DMZ betrays him in multiple ways. In the end, he severs his ties and goes freelance. Also, the true intentions of the U.S. and the lengths it’s willing to go to instigate a full-scale war are finally revealed. Fighting dehydration, sickness, murder attempts, and air strikes, Matty must find a way to stop the U.S. from invading the DMZ.

This series serves as a great social commentary while keeping the reader completely engrossed in its story line. One of my major gripes about Volume 1 was that the reader has no idea how or why this war was started in the first place. Thankfully, this volume finally answers those questions. Usually when I read a trade, I read one issue (or chapter) a night. With DMZ, I read 2-3 issues a night. I couldn’t put it down!

Brian Wood’s writing is gritty and real. His art is just as expressive. He does something that’s really tough to do: He imbeds you in this war with Matty. And it’s not pretty. (Grade: A)

– J. Montes