By Art Baltazar (writer, artist) & Franco (writer)

I’m not sure why I bought this book. It just looked so odd and off the wall that I had to give it a try. Now, if you’re looking for a serious story line, you’re in the wrong place. Tiny Titans aims to do nothing more than make you smile. There’s not much to read here, but its charm is irresistible.

Tiny Titans is a series of short comic strips featuring the Titans in school, messing around with pets, playing with dolls, and just doing kids stuff – based in an odd superhero world. I’m not sure how the idea of this book came around, but it’s almost sort of genius. It’s so simple, stripped down, and silly. And making Deathstroke their principal is just downright brilliant. At $2.25 it’s attractively priced. If you’ve got children, they’ll love this book. There’s also a four page Super Friends preview at the end of the book.

Art Baltazar’s art is vibrant, colorful, and just screams fun. The facial expressions do most of the work here, and the way these characters interact with each other is just hilarious. There’s also little things that’ll make you giggle like Wonder Woman’s lasso being used as jump rope! This book in a way, reminds me of the antics we were shown in the old Tiny Toons TV show and that’s surely not a bad thing. (Grade: A-)

– J. Montes