By Matt Fraction (writer), Barry Kitson (breakdowns & finishes), Stegano Guadiano, Paul Neary & Jon Sibal (finishes), J. Roberts (colors)

The Order’s left with three issues to go and Matt Fraction is wasting no time tying up loose ends. One again, the story is well written and full of wit. Barry Kitson and company also do a bang up job on art chores. With all these people working on art, you’d think it’d be a mess, but it’s surprisingly consistent. Still, I wonder why it’s becoming harder and harder for Kitson to finish a full issue.

We’re finally shown the outcome of Supernaut and Aralune’s predicament after two issues of suspense. How it’s handled is pretty inventive, but the real kicker is the mastermind behind their attempted apprehension. This revelation gives a lot more relevance to Iron Man’s presence in the book. I’m sure this is all going to build up to issue #10 (just in time for Iron Man’s movie debut), but it’s definitely worth looking forward to.

Meanwhile, Mulholland’s incarceration by the Black Dahlias takes somewhat of a backseat even though it’s prominently featured on the cover.  In fact, the cover is somewhat misleading – The Order does not come to rescue her at all! Perhaps last minute script changes are to blame. Either way, the scenes we’re given of her are shocking (no pun intended), especially near the end of the issue. There is an absence of certain members of the ensemble, but it, in no way, detracts from the story.

It’s gonna be sad seeing this book go. Other than the Runaways, Marvel has no west coast team books and that’s a shame. When you consider the quality of this book, there’s not too many others that have a roster this fleshed out or this likable. (Grade: B)

– J. Montes