By Timothy Truman (writer), Tomas Guirello (art), Jose Villarrubia (color)

Argh! This issue ends so abruptly that it’s frustrating! I was somewhat disappointed with last issue’s story. Thankfully, Conan #49 gives us more progress. After defeating Conan and the princess’ entourage, the undead army mistakenly takes the queen’s servant, Iniri to the city-state of Yaralet. She is to be sacrificed to the dark god, Nergal – more specifically, Nergal’s Scion – a nasty creature that looks like something out of a Lovecraft novel.

This whole kidnapping and sacrificing thing has become a moral dilemma for the King, but he’s so heavily influenced that he goes on ahead with it anyway. Meanwhile, Conan recovers from his wounds and finds the princess near the water’s edge – thrown clear from the battle. Feeling somewhat in debt to the sacrifice of her servant, the princess is determined to save Iniri from Nergal’s scion and Conan, being the nice guy that he is, reluctantly decides to help.

I’m beginning to get into this story now, but like I said, it’s just over too quickly. Those who wait for the trades on this series will have a much better time with it than the monthly readers. Timothy Truman, like Kurt Busiek before him, is quite a wordsmith. His narration of the story is excellent. Tomas Giorello’s art is growing on me as well. Next month will conclude this story line and the series. We know Conan’s going to slay that monster, but how he does it should be the fun part. (Grade: C+)

– J. Montes