Our X-Files 2 footage from Wondercon 2008 is now up for your downloading pleasure. The video is 720×468, 38 minutes long, and comes in at 221MB.

Get the video at our WonderCon 08 report!

  • lolani

    For anyone having trouble playing the video I suggest you download VLC player instead of WMP or QT.and yeah, click on the “WonderCon 08 report!” link first and then you’ll find the actual link to the video.Hope this helps.

  • Quack Player & CinemaForge both seems to work well if you can’t run it with Quicktime.

  • Extremis

    I can right click and save the file with no trouble, but then when iQuicktime tries to play it, a popup appears saying that Quicktime requires an update, but that Quicktime doesn’t have said update …strange indeed….

    Also Windows Media Player and Real Player will play sound, but no video…..

    Please help 🙂

  • When you say “still nothing” that’s not being very specific. Did it download the file when you right clicked on it? The file name is xfiles2.mov. If it downloaded any other file name you’re downloading the wrong thing. You also need to make sure it properly downloaded. It is 221 MB – which is huge.

    If you did get the right file and it’s not working, your Quicktime may be out of date – in which case you’ll need to get the latest version from Apple.

  • amymarie

    Hey- I can’t see it either. I have quicktime and I tried clicking on it and another window opened but there was nothing there. I even right clicked and saved it as suggested and still nothing.

  • Do you have Quicktime? It’s required to view this video. Did you go to our WonderCon 08 Report page? If you did, the video is one of the first links you’ll see. All you have to do is right click on the link and “Save As”. It’s also 221 MB, so it could take a long time to download.

  • foxshoe

    Nothing happens at all when I click on the link – I just see the same page – I tried saving the target, holding ctrl-shift in case it required a pop-up, and it just stares back at me. Any ideas?