By Jeph Loeb (writer), Joe Mauereira (art), Christian Lichtner (colors)

Okay, if you can get past the first four pages of this issue – wow, you’re actually in for something pretty decent! In Ultimates 3 #3, Jeph Loeb finally decides to tell a story! And honestly, what happens here could have been told in issue #2, but better late than never, I suppose.

We finally get to the meat of the story: Scarlet Witch is dead, killed a by bullet specifically coded to her DNA. The story then shifts into a tale of how Wolverine is actually her father. Taking up half of the issue, this retelling of Scarlet Witch’s origin is a bit weird, and purists will most likely hate it, but I actually found it to be somewhat compelling. It just worked for me. From there we’re back in the present as the team mobilizes to hunt down Magneto. Loeb throws in a twist near the end of the issue that most people won’t see coming.

I wasn’t too impressed with Joe Madureira’s art the first two issues, but he has completely won me over this time around. With Christian Lichtner, who seems to have finally gotten a grasp on not making the coloring too dark, this is easily the duo’s best work to date. Before ever turning a page, I’d actually read through it and then look over the art for a few minutes before turning. It’s stunning. And while I still firmly believe that this book is still not worthy of being called “The Ultimates”, it’s finally getting better. Maybe these guys can turn this ship around. (Grade: B)

– J. Montes