By R.A. Salvator (writer), Andrew Dabb (script), Rob Atkins (pencils), Clayton Brown (inks), Wes Dzioba (colors)

Time flies when you’re having fun. Unlike Marvel’s Anita Blake novel adaptatons which have been coming out at a snail’s pace (they haven’t even finished adapting the first book!), Devil’s Due has wasted no time in putting our R.A. Salvatore’s line Drizzt books. Already on their sixth book of the series, nothing reads better than a cast of characters that have an undeniable amount of chemistry and charisma. Every time a new Drizzt series begins, it’s like catching up with old friends.

Drizzt has returned to the Mithral Hall to see Catti-Brie married. As all this happens, his sister conspires again to kill him and bring honor and fortune back to her House. Using Drizzt’s brother, Dinin, and Jarlaxle, she sets out a plot to capture Drizzt by using the dwarves’ own greed to her advantage. Meanwhile, something’s up with Wulfgar. He’s not only jealous of Drizzt, but he’s having control issues with his future wife. Things are getting nasty for our band of heroes!

Firstly, I love Tim Seeley’s art. From the cover he drew, I thought he’d be doing the interiors as well. I was wrong. But it’s okay, because Rob Atkins’ pencils are fantastic. Atkins channels Seeley in a way that everyone looks familiar, but he also adds his own touches as well. His layouts also keep pace with Andrew Dabb’s script, while Clayton Brown backs him up with some gorgeous inks.

Andrew Dabb has these adaptations down to an artform. He always divides each novel into three issues at 48 pages each. He stays true to the books and somehow manages to end each issue at exactly the right spot. R.A. Salvatore’s story is infectious. Drizzt is surrounded by such a colorful cast that you can’t help but love these books. Even his enemies like Artemis and Jarlaxle are incredibly like-able. If you’re a fan of the books, you’ll love this series. If you like fantasy or games like World of WarCraft, pick up the previous trades or novels before starting this series. It’s a treat. (Grade: A-)

– J. Montes