By Frank Miller (writer), Jim Lee (pencils), Scott Williams (inks), Alex Sinclair (color)

Oh boy, here we go again. After last issue being somewhat enjoyable, we’re treated to 18 pages of crap once more. Batman and Robin, completely painted in yellow (dwelling in a painted yellow room), taunt, insult, and demean Green Lantern in each of these 18 pages. It’s completely mindless and disrespectful to the characters. Sure, Green Lantern is being the self-righteous jerk, but Batman is just an ass. What’s worse is he revels in being an ass. In fact, this is the first Batman series that’s not only made me dislike Batman, but Robin as well.

It’s not just Frank Miller’s script that’s awful here – the over abundance of yellow is just too much. It diminishes Jim Lee’s art and makes it painful to look at after the third page. I kept waiting the scene to change, but it just kept going and going! I guess I can’t blame Alex Sinclair’s for his choice of coloring here, he just did what he was told. This “toying” with the Green Lantern goes on all issue until Robin finally does something incredibly stupid. And I’ll admit, what Batman does to punish Robin is hilarious. I actually laughed out loud, because the whole sequence of events that plays out is just so ridiculous!

When things finally become serious, the book becomes readable and even a tad interesting. Alex Sinclair’s lush coloring returns, we get some trademarked gorgeous splash pages by Jim Lee, and even Frank Miller’s narrative becomes compelling. It’s just too bad it only lasts for five pages. If you must buy this book (like me), make sure you pick up the variant Neal Adams cover. It’s pure awesome. (Grade: F)

– J. Montes