By Robert Kirkman (writer), Sean Phillips (art), June Chung (color)

It looks like the whole zombie craze has finally come to an end. Granted, The Walking Dead has always been a good read, but I blame the first Marvel Zombies mini-series for stirring up all the trouble. Robert Kirkman’s take on the an alternate Marvel Universe was fresh, silly, and grotesque. It took a couple of issues to find its audience, but after it did, Marvel Zombies became the runaway hit of 2006.

Its sequel, Marvel Zombies 2, builds upon this new franchise, but sadly fails to capture the allure that made its predecessor so successful. Perhaps it’s the initial novelty that’s worn off, or maybe it’s the lack of a true adversary within the story. Whatever it is, it’s just not as fun. But that’s not to say Marvel Zombies 2 is bad. It’s still a fun book! I think the problem most people had with this sequel is that it actually had more of a story than the original.

Well, after four issues of story and setups, Kirkman unloads everything on this final issue. Characters die, conspiracies are revealed, and we even get a mini-version of World War Hulk! What’s also nice is we get an honest resolution to the story. Sure, the way Kirkman writes the ending leaves it open to another sequel, but even if it never happens, the story, more or less, is complete. And you won’t believe who the real monster of this book is!

As much as I love the “Thor versus Silver Surfer” cover, Arthur Sudyam’s homage covers have become stale. If they were relevant to the story, I’d probably enjoy it more, but they’ve become so tired and gimmicky. Sean Phillips’s artwork is brutal. The stuff he does with Hulk’s rampage on Iron Man and Phoenix ain’t pretty.

If you’ve been largely unsatisfied with this series like many of my friends, issue #5 will most likely satisfy you. Me? I loved every single issue. Kirkman could haven taken the easy way out, giving us more of the same. But he didn’t. Instead, with Marvel Zombies 2, we got a worthy follow-up that tried to do something different. He also got us to care about these zombies! And that’s to be commended. (Grade: B+)

– J. Montes