By David Lapham (writer & artist), Lee Loughridge (colors)

Young Liars is a beautiful mess. And that’s a compliment. I say beautiful because it’s David Lapham’s first fully drawn and written book in years (I think), and it’s just wonderful to see his art again. I say mess because the cast of characters that inhabit this book are some of the most craziest, trashiest, and realistic personalities I’ve read about in a long time.

Now, there’s too much going on in this book for me to write a synopsis about. Instead, I’ll just give you the premise. This book’s about a rag-tag group of young men and women whose lives are spiraling out of control. Their dreams are washed up, they’re poor, and live day-to-day. The only thing keeping their group together is a deranged girl named Sadie, who has no morale compass due to brain damage from a bullet.

At first, I thought this book was just going to be exploitative with lots of senseless violence and two dimensional characters. But, Lapham manages to introduce us to a huge ensemble cast, nailing down their personalities and quirks within 24 pages of story. The way he wraps up the issue is just perfect, too. I hate drawing up comparisons to movies, but when I read this, I felt like I was watching the opening to Fight Club. It’s that kind of mania Lapham uses as the foundation of this series.

This book is a must buy. After the subpar writing Lapham’s given us with Spider-Man: With Great Power and Terror Inc., Young Liars is a display of a man on his “A” game. This is how you write a debut issue. (Grade: A+)

– J. Montes