By Duane Swierczynski (writer), Ariel Olivetti (art)

Cable #1 may very well be the worst comic you’ll read of 2008. To the creative team of this book: Look at it this way, it probably can’t get any worse than this (right?). There’ve been a few books I’ve read this year that really suck. We’ve got the All-Star Batman and Robin series which has been dreadful, but at times, perversely entertaining. Then there’s The Ultimates 3 which is gratuitously bad, but seems to be improving. And then you have Cable, a book that’s devoid of story and personality.

Virtually nothing happens in this decompressed issue of 24 pages. You’ll finish it in three minutes and if quizzed afterwards, you’ll fail to recount anything that happened, save the last page. This book feels like it was written by a robot. Cable is completely emotionless and lifeless. He fights some faceless thugs, changes a diaper, and goes to a cafe. That’s it, that’s all that happens! Oh, and Bishop shows up. Wow, I didn’t see that coming.

Ariel Olivetti’s art is static and boring as usual. Sure, he can paint and draw at times, but it’s sad when his backgrounds are the most interesting pieces of his compositions. It’s been well documented that he either steals those backgrounds from other artists (like that Punisher War Journal cover he did), or he uses photographs. Sorry, but just because you’re good at Photoshop and have mediocre drawing skills doesn’t qualify you as a good storyteller.

I hate slamming books – really, I do. I don’t take joy in slamming artist or writers, either. But, this book is a complete waste of money and resources. It’s a downright insult that it isn’t returnable, either. I want my $2.99 back. It’s overpriced crap like this that drives fans away for good. (Grade: F-)

– J. Montes

A Second Opinion

The name Ariel Olivetti sounded familiar to me. I did some research and he was the one who made the freaking kick ass Argentine comic book “El Cazador” back in 1992. I loved that series, it was about this big ass hero that was very Sam Keith / Simon Bisley inspired. And the cover for Cable #1 looks just like him, but with smaller genitalia.

Mixing time travel with babies is not a good thing. I really want to know how the X-Men got hold of a time travel machine and why they don’t use it more often. As Jason says, not much happens in this “#1” issue. I have the same complaint as usual: Why have a number 1 issue when evidently it’s not a number 1 issue. Are the publishers expecting to get more money thinking that people are going to buy it more because it’s a brand new title? I’m sure this book will get a significant drop in sales numbers after the second issue.

As I don’t follow Marvel Comics, I don’t have a clue who this Bishop guy is, only that he’s an X-Man. While, the story is no good for new readers, I disagree with Jason on the art. I like it, but probably because Olivetti holds a special place in my heart as the creator of Cazador. (Grade: D)

-Daniel Yanez