By Jay Faerber (writer), Mahmud A. Asrar (artist), Ron Riley (colors)

How long has it been since we’ve had an issue of Dynamo 5? Because it feels like it’s been months! In fact, it’s been so long that I’ve completely forgotten who the characters were and what they did. Thankfully, Jay Faerber supplied a small synopsis at the beginning and gave the characters just enough expository dialogue to get me back on track. Still, if delays like this continue to plague this book, I’m going to drop it and just wait for the trades.

Anyway, to recap, Slingshot’s father has been captured by a bunch of bad guys who want her to do some dirty work. In exchange, they’ll release her dad and that’ll be that. Maddie refuses to let Slingshot go causing the her and the rest of the team to almost come to blows with their adopted mother. And so, for the first time, the team is on its own, without guidance or a watchful tactician. Luckily, they successfully rescue Slingshot’s father but it’s not without horrible consequences. The ramifications of this incident, will, I’m sure, come back to bite the kids in the butt.

While the kids are out on their mission, Maddie’s underwater stronghold is infiltrated by Widowmaker (the woman who killed Captain Dynamo) and her newly formed gang. Apparently, she has some unfinished business, with intentions to kill the rest of the Captain’s offspring. With no one around to defend Maddie or Visionary’s mother, the gang takes control of the base, setting a trap to kill the Dynamo 5 upon their return.

Faeber delivers another solid issue and sets up an interesting plot that’ll most likely plague the kids in the future. This newly freed villain with “death touch” like powers is a fascinating character, and I’m very much interested to see how he plays into this story down the line. The surprise turnabout of Visionary’s mother was unexpected, but in a way, realistic. Mahmud Asrar brings his usual repetoire of excellent pencil work to the book. There’s no hard hitting double-page splashes to be found, but his interpretation of Faeber’s script makes for a lot of eye candy (especially Scrap). Mahmud, if you’re reading this, I intend to get a sketch from you someday! The good fun continues, but the lateness is making this book lose some of its luster. (Grade: B)

– J. Montes