By Judd Winick (writer), Cliff Chiang (art), David Baron (colors)

This issue goes by fast. Maybe a little too fast. But damn was it good! After two issues of mourning, Oliver and Dinah get to work on Connor’s kidnappers / assassins. With some clever detective work, they seem to have deduced that whoever shot Connor must have been in some kind of advanced plane with capabilities that would enable it to hover stationary over high altitudes while remaining cloaked.

The issue starts off in a club with our two heroes (undercover) in dealings with some middlemen about acquiring such a plane. Being a bit overly zealous with his questions, it doesn’t take long for the bad guys to figure out that Oliver’s undercover character isn’t who he claims to be. Under fire, Dinah and Oliver flee scene with their new found information. With word in the crime world out that Green Arrow and Black Canary are figuring things out, it doesn’t take long before they’re on the run from the same ship that shot Connor.

As short as it is, I had a blast with this issue. We finally get to see more Canary and her attitude, plus Judd Winick does a nice job displaying the chemistry she has with her husband. Oliver’s still saddened and full of anguish, but he’s contained to just one outburst this issue. My only complaint is when he has his outburst it almost feels like he’s pouting like a spoiled kid. That said, when the action gets rolling (and it does very early), it thrusts Oliver back into his element whether he likes it or not. It may be a distraction to him, but it’s great to see him enjoying himself again. Oh yeah, Cliff Chiang is back on art and boy is it a beautiful thing. (Grade: B+)

– J. Montes