By Robert Kirkman (writer), Jason Howard (art)

This book’s on a bimonthly schedule, so I can’t gripe about it being late. But, it’s really hard to get back into each time I pick it up. It’s not that the series is bad, it’s actually pretty decent. And there’s no denying that the concept of a crime fighting werewolf, is a fascinating one, but the story is moving so slow that it’s tough to remember what’s happened in previous issues. Luckily, I was able to remember bits and pieces of the story and its characters thanks to the expository dialog Robert Kirkman so deftly snuck in.

This issue doesn’t give as many more answers, but it does dabble in the history of the werewolves, their power, and their bloodlines. It’s all told through hearsay (ala Zachariah), so we don’t get any cool flashbacks or anything like that. Instead, the series stays grounded to its urban roots with Wolf-Man bolstering his prominence among his superhero peers. Some refuse to believe he’s a good guy while others extend him an offer to join their superhero union (which he may be considering, given his financial situation). We also get to see how this new lifestyle is impacting on those at home; in particular, it’s taking a toll on his daughter.

I’ll give Kirkman credit for touching upon all his running subplots on a consistent basis. The problem is we don’t get enough time with any of the characters this month or any month. If we got this book on a monthly basis, I’d be pleased, but the bi-monthly schedule really hurts.

The Astounding Wolf-Man (and new readers) would really benefit from a synopsis page at the beginning – and I know that’s not asking much either. Kirkman devotes three pages just to the letters column alone. I’m sure one page of “things that went on before” wouldn’t hurt. Heck, you could even put it on the masthead like you do with Walking Dead! If you’re curious about this book my advice is to wait for the trade. It’s just too hard to keep up with on a bimonthly schedule. and I know Jason Howard does most of the work, and it’s probably the cause of the schedule, but if all it takes is hiring a colorist to speed things up, I’m all for it!  (Grade: C+)

– J. Montes