By Bob Gale (writer), Phil Jimenez (pencils & inks), Andy Lanning & Danny Miki (inks), Jeremy Cox (colors)

Wow, this was a very unexpected issue. With the last two “Brand New Day” arcs, the stories lasted three issues. And while Bob Gale’s run is ending after three issues, the story isn’t over! Another thing that’s changed is the tone. There’s a few running gags still going, but overall, the humor has been toned down and with more attention going towards the plot(s).

Spidey’s bad luck (or the Parker luck, if you will), is the star of this episode. Already on the run from the law for not being registered and being accused of murder, Spidey’s now blamed for assaulting a mayoral candidate, murdering drug dealers, burning down a building, and well, you get the picture. Despite all this, Peter’s keeps his spirits high. He gets a nice check from the Daily Bugle, enjoys a night out with his friends, and even visits J. Jonah Jameson in the hospital (as Spider-Man), which leads to one hilarious scene.

As I said in my review of last issue, I’m not a big fan of The Freak. However, this issue goes into the concept and science behind him. Basically, every time The Freak is inflicted with a mortal wound, he goes into a cocoon like stasis. When he reemerges from it, he becomes immune to whatever might have killed him prior. So if he “dies” in a fire, he’ll be immune to fire when he comes back from his cocoon. It’s a fascinating concept that will most likely pay dividends down the line, story wise.

While the story line isn’t wrapped up this issue, it does a good job touching on all the underlying stories, while giving us a hint of things to come. Bob Gale is to be commended for working things out. I’m actually interested to see where this story with The Freak goes now. And Phil Jimenez wraps up his run with another issue of stunning visuals. (Grade: B+)

– J. Montes