By Gail Simone (writer), Bernard Chang (art), I.L.L. (colors)

When I initially flipped through this book at the store I thought I was going to hate this issue. Bernard Chang is no Terry Dodson, and his rendition of Wonder Woman has no resemblance of the strong, almost burly, Amazonian portrayed in Terry Dodson’s art. But when I actually started reading the book, it was almost as if Gail Simone tailored this book to Chang’s art style. Diana’s slender and innocently sweet look, matches her bedside manner as she visits Agent Tresser at the hospital.

From there, things get a little bizarre. The Khund come out of nowhere to kill her!  At first, it seems like she’s completely outnumbered. But panels later, we learn that she can completely own this “menacing, warmonger race”. It’s then revealed that instead of trying to defeat her, they’re paying tribute. Apparently, something’s happened to their home world. An alien only known as the “Ichor” has been drilling into their planet. Being one of the few that’s actually defeated the Khund, they tap Wonder Woman to save their planet. But as usual, not all is as it seems and Diana knows this (and yet does nothing about her suspicions). Instead, she lets things play out and we’re handed what’s supposed to be a twist of an ending (yet, why did I roll my eyes?).

I was really hoping for a leap into the unknown – something that would be ominous and challenging for Diana. Instead, I was given something familiar to her in an unfamiliar setting. There’s still an interest in where this story will go, but what could have been something great has severely diminished to near mediocrity. As sweet as Bernard Chang draws Wonder Woman, the rest of the art is a mixed bag; sometimes it looks great, other times a bit rough around the edges. (Grade: C)

– J. Montes