By Brian Reed & Tom DeFalco (writers), Adriana Melo & Ron Frenz (pencils), Mariah Benes (inks), Chris Sotomayor (colors)

Ms. Marvel may not rank up with Marvel’s other top tier books, but month after month, writer Brian Reed finds a way to keep me coming back for more. In fact, I’m so enamored by this series that I recently went out and bought all the back issues on eBay. Well, with regular artist Aaron Lopresti now gone to DC (he’s going to be doing Wonder Woman, so check that out), my confidence was a bit shaken. Luckily, I was proved wrong; issue #25, may just be the best issue of Ms. Marvel yet!

I’ll be the first to admit it’s not the story that makes this milestone issue so good, but the creative team as a whole. For $3.99 you get a 32 page story that acts as another pre-Secret Invasion tie-in. Part of the story takes place in the deep past before Carol Danvers became Ms. Marvel. It gives us an early look at the Skrulls and how they tried to capture Captain Marvel and steal a space shuttle. Using quasi-vintage coloring techniques (lots of flat colors), tons of narrative, and old-school Marvel bullpen inspired art, the team of Ron Frenz and Tom DeFalco tell this story in classic fashion that’ll make any comic reader grin from ear to ear. There’s not a more perfect team working today who could have captured the nostalgic spirit of the late Silver Age. Wonderful job, guys.

For the story taking place in the present, we get Brian Reed with newcomers Adriana Melo and Mariah Benes on art. For a debut, these two ladies really know how to draw and ink a comic – I was really impressed with how they handled the action – and there is plenty. For the story itself, we spend a lot of time with Carol as she does a few mundane things (which turn out to not be so mundane), while a Skrull that’s been impersonating her wrecks havoc in her life. It’s a good story that stands quite well on its own, so if you’ve been thinking of giving this book a try, now’s the time. There’s also a very good Ms. Marvel biography at the back of the book (for new readers) along with a spread of Terry Dodson’s incredible covers from Ms. Marvel #25 and Captain Marvel #4.

It’s great to see Ms. Marvel last 25 issues. Hats off to the fans and Marvel for having faith in Brian Reed and not letting this book die. Let’s make sure it stays that way. Pick up this issue. It’s well worth your money. (Grade: A-)

– J. Montes