By Jim Krueger (story), Alex Ross (art direction, Carlos Paul (art), Debora Carita (colors)

I’ve been digging Project Superpowers until now. This issue just falls victim to trying to do too much at once. So far, Jim Krueger has balanced this story perfectly, introducing us to an ensemble cast one at a time. With issue #2, we’re shown too many characters who don’t get enough screen time. To make matters worse, they’re scattered all over the globe which is now giving me the impression that this’ll be one of those, “let’s travel the world and find our old buddies” stories. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but given the context of the first two issues (plus issue #0), I thought this series would be anything but.

I’ll admit I was really confused by this story in general. Krueger quick cuts all throughout the issue making it hard to figure out what’s happening. All I know is there’s some major buttkicking taking place all over but the reasons aren’t explained. And poor Bruce Carter (AKA the Fighting Yank). It seems like everyone manhandles him at every opportunity. I get the point – he’s pissed a lot of people off – but the slapping around of him is getting almost comical (which it shouldn’t). I also don’t like how anticlimactic the scene is on Dynamic Man’s rooftop. We have this big fight going on and then Green Lama grows some plants and whisps them away?! Ugh.

I’m hoping this series rights itself back on course. It doesn’t hurt much when you start a series from issue #1 and it’s a crappy book. But when you start a series off as spectacularly as this one did and hit a rock with the storyline, well, it’s a complete downer. Carlos Paul and Alex Ross deliver the goods on art, once again – no complaints there. But this story needs a fixing. (Grade: D+)

– J. Montes