By Mark Millar (writer), Bryan Hitch (pencils, inks), Andrew Currie (inks), Paul Mounts (colors)

Ugh. This issue’s a complete mess. I know. I’m in disbelief too, and it’s not the fault of Mark Millar or Bryan Hitch, either. So, let me go into what I liked first and then I’ll explain the disaster of what prevented this book from being enjoyable.

What’s good: Sue, Ben, and Johnny have a much more active role in this issue. We get to see them play as a team and use their wits to fend off CAP. We also see a huge assortment of other heroes join in the fight. It reminded me of one of those World of WarCraft raids where 40 people go to fight a big boss only to wipeout within a minute. Fun stuff. I honestly wasn’t anticipating a huge battle of this magnitude so soon, but it hits you in face from page one and the momentum hardly slows from there.

What’s bad: I’ve been praising Paul Mounts’ coloring job since the first issue of this arc. However, he completely fails in this issue and pretty much destroys any enjoyment I might have had due to his poor color choices and onslaught of snow effects. I mean, seriously, calm the #$%& down with the computer effects already. There’s a lot more ways of showing snow than over saturating the page with huge snowflakes. It’s so bad that it completely hampers Bryan Hitch’s beautiful artwork and makes it impossible to discern what’s going on. I realize this week’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man does a similar job with its snow effects, but the effects don’t mar the story – you have a clear understanding of what’s happening. Here? It’s just undiscipherable. It’s so bad that I honestly hope that Marvel releases a black and white version or a “snowless” version, because this is just a crime.

That said, the “snowless” pages are fine. Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch continue their run with a solid, but not spectacular issue. It’s the obligatory fight issue, not the fun science issue like last month, so don’t expect to be blown away with crazy, out of this world concepts. But what should have been a fun and entertaining issue is snowed out by Paul Mount’s blizzard machine. If I’m Bryan Hitch, I’d be pissed. This is unforgivable. (Grade: D)

– J. Montes