By Mike Carey, Matt Fraction, Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Skottie Young (writers), Brandon Peterson, Jamie McKelvie, Sana Takeda, Skottie Young (pencils/art)

I honestly do not understand the point of this mini-series. X-Men: Divided We Stand is an anthology of short stories that showcase a number of C-List mutants who’ve been put out to pasture following the events of the Messiah Complex. One of the stories isn’t even about one of the mutants, either. I just don’t know, maybe I’m missing the point.

I mean, do people really care about an eight page story where Cannonball gets into a bar room brawl? Or how about a story where Scalphunter’s become a cook and Nightcrawler comes to lecture him about history and art? A lot of these stories are completely soulless and feel forced when it comes to playing to its audiences’ sympathies. It’s as if Marvel came up to these writers and asked, “Hey, wanna make a quick $200? Write me an 8 page story and we’ll make a ton of money because this’ll be a #1 issue.” I almost feel insulted.

It’s a shame, too, because there’s some diverse talent here in the forms of Jamie McKelvie, Skottie Young, and Sana Takeda that just feels wasted. In fact, I found it kind of funny that Scottie Young, who drew and wrote a chapter, himself, had the strongest story, yet the worst art!  All the other stories felt contrived, too cliche, and too filler.

Ultimately, we don’t need a book like this. We don’t need to see what the lesser X-Men characters are doing during their time off. There’s a reason why New X-Men was canceled: It sucked and so did the characters. This issue does little to prove otherwise. (Grade: D)

– J. Montes