By Brian Reed (writer), Adriana Melo (pencils), Mariah Benes (inks), Chris Sotomayor (colors)

With Secret Invasion now fully upon us, Ms. Marvel is one of the first heroes to be accused of being a Skrull. SHIELD confronts her at her boyfriend’s murder scene ready to take her in as the culprit. But Carol’s no fool, and she won’t come in quietly. What follows is a game of cat and mouse as Carol tries to stave of her apprehension while figuring out who’s been impersonating her and if SHIELD’s been compromised.

Like many of the previous issues of Ms. Marvel, this one’s got a lot of action. Brian Reed writes this book at a very quick pace while throwing in a lot of comical moments near the end as Carol’s big fight carries throughout the SHIELD Helicarrier. Adriana Melo’s pencils do a great job keeping pace with the story. She did an impressive job with her debut last issue, and her good pencil work has spilled over into this issue as well.

We get a bit of a reveal near the end of the book regarding William (Ms. Marvel’s boyfriend person), but it’s not something that made me gasp with surprise. It was “just there”. The other oddity was the beginning of the issue which deals with Agent Sum’s cryptic past. I understand why Brian Reed put it in there, but it seems so out of place. Just please, whatever happens, don’t ever put him together with Wolverine in some past life. I’m sick to death of stories like that!

All in all, this is decent issue of Ms. Marvel. It contains the usual above average story that I’ve come to expect from this title, but being one of the first Secret Invasion satellite books, I was expecting something more exciting. (Grade: C+)

– J. Montes