By Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns (writer) George Pérez, Tony Daniel, J.G. Jones, Aaron Lopresti, Ivan Reis, Philip Tan and Carlos Pacheco (art)

Other than Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the occasional Superman book, I’m not exactly in touch with the DC Universe these day. Well, if you’re in the same boat as me, DC Universe Zero serves as a good jumping on point. The book serves loosely as a primer to all of the major DC storylines going on this year. I say loosely because each segment of this 22 page story is around 3-5 pages in length – hardly enough to give us the full lowdown on what’s going on, but just enough to tease us and grab a new reader on board for the events.

All the tales for this issue have been carefully crafted to lure you in, and I’ll tell you right now, they do their job ! Final Crisis and its mini-series, Green Lantern, Batman, and Wonder Woman all look like fantastic reads. Batman’s RIP story, which has been kept extremely guarded by DC has become much more interesting with the revealing of Joker’s involvement. Final Crisis’ plot has been simplified to a mere few sentences for the many readers who’ve never read a Crisis book. And Wonder Woman’s upcoming book explores the possible extinction of the Amazonian race! Of course, what will get people most excited, especially the DC faithful, is the big reveal of a certain someone’s return in Final Crisis, which was cunningly saved for the last page.

If you read Marvel’s Secret Invasion Saga comic and are expecting a similar book packed to the gills with tons of history – don’t. This book is hardly here to educate, but more so titillate. With art by DC’s top talent and a mere price of only 50 cents, there’s hardly anything to complain about. I wasn’t too keen on DC’s big summer events, but after reading this, I’m pretty pumped. Bring it on! (Grade: B)

– J. Montes