By: Jon Favreau (Writer) and Adi Granov (Art)

Jon Favreau’s Iron Man miniseries is off to a promising start thanks to some great artwork by Adi Granov and crisp dialogue courtesy of Mr. Favreau. It looks to be a nice compliment to the summer movie and all signs point to it being an entertaining, if light, summer read.

After a quick introduction that hints at the series threat, the issue kicks off with a bang as a hijacker attempts to take over a Stark company passenger plane that Tony Stark happens to be traveling on. After some Iron Man intervention and a bit of public backlash, Tony decides to head to Vegas for some much needed rest and relaxation. Needless to say, it looks as though Tony will get anything but rest as some strange happenings grind Vegas to a halt on the eve of a casino grand opening.

What surprised me most about this issue was how visual the story was, as much is told without the use of any dialogue. As mentioned earlier, Adi Granov’s work is quite stunning and does an excellent job moving the story forward even when there aren’t any people present to move it along. A little more detail with some of the facial features would have been welcome, but all in all what’s here is very nice.

What dialogue is here works well and Jon Favreau continues to show that he has a solid grasp on Tony Stark as a public figure, a playboy, and as Iron Man. I wish there was more Tony Stark to be honest, but this was very much a stage setting issue and reads as such. I expect much more in the way of character and dialogue in the following issues.

Overall, I was quite pleased with what this Iron Man story has to offer so far. It looks to be a good, solid, summer series that will satisfy anyone looking for a little more than just the summer movie to get their Iron Man fix. Just don’t go into this one expecting a complex story or deep ties to current happenings in the Marvel Universe and you will find a lighthearted, entertaining Iron Man story. It was just what I was looking for. (Grade C+)

-Kyle Posluszny

A Second Opinion

Wow, that was fast. Not Kyle’s review, but the issue, itself! i was really psyched to see Adi Granov doing some interior artwork again and then I remembered why I prefer him as a cover artist. Yes, his art is beautiful, but it all feels so artificial due to his heavy use of photographic material. Sure, people like Alex Maleev do it all the time, but Maleev has also shown a lot of diversity (check out some of those retro Daredevil issues he did). I don’t know what it is but Granov’s art just feels like it lacks character and soul.

As for the story itself, it feels a bit disjointed at times, but there are some good moments scattered about (like Iron Man being boo’d off the airplane). It’s too early to tell if this series will be worth the price of admission, but I do like how Jon Favreau’s writing style is much different from the norm. It’s good that Favreau doesn’t waste any time, the downside is this issue is over before you know it. If it continues at this blistering pace, a trade might be more worthwhile.(Grade: C+)

– J. Montes