Duane Swierczynski (Writer) and Ariel Olivetti (Artist)

I generally try to give new comics three issues to prove their worth to me or, if it’s been a long running series, I will grant a full arc. Cable has been a little bit of both for me in a way, seeing as how it’s supposed to be a direct continuation of the Messiah Complex arc while at the same time being a stand alone series. With that said, after the first two issues of Cable, I was fully prepared for issue three to be a death sentence.

I have found this series to be incredibly disappointing, especially considering how many storytelling possibilities existed with Cable and the baby following the X-Men event. The chase has been predictable and the vision of the future has been incredibly generic. The art lacks a soul and while it can look somewhat unique at times, it winds up being inconsistent and borderline silly when considering the exaggerated features the main characters have. I have enjoyed some of the dialogue, however, and kept reading because I’ve found Cable to be pretty likable in his role as a baby body guard. To put it simply, things have not been good and there is very little keeping me attached to the series. I was fully prepared to drop it. Then a funny thing happened and, well, I think the guy needs to hear about it..

“Cable, congratulations. You have been granted a stay of execution as I take the time to reevaluate your case. The little trick you pull at the end of this story created not only some interesting and odd questions, but also the hope that maybe, just maybe, we will see some forward movement in your book. I must inform you, however, that you are on a very short leash and had better make an effort to shape up in the coming months. I want some story, I want some answers, and I want to see some life in that sterile, artificial world you’ve been living in. In short, make the most of this time I am giving you by giving me a reason to really care. That is all, you may go now.”

Ok, with that out of the way, let me just give a quick rundown of what this issue is about. What we have is more Cable and baby in peril, more Bishop acting (justifiably?) relentless, a few brutal acts of violence, and some intervention by the citizens of this future. That’s about it, with the exception of the incredibly odd appearance by an “X” character at the end of the book. To be honest, this appearance could make or break the series. For the time being, however, it’s enough to keep me reading for at least a few more issues.

The art is still inconsistent and soulless, the writing needs to have more personality (though Cable is still interesting enough), and the story has yet to really go anywhere. BUT, while far from a strong issue, it looks as though Cable finally might have some direction. I like the character, as I’ve said before, so having some direction counts for something. Here’s to hoping this is the start of something positive. (Grade C-)

– Kyle Posluszny