John Byrne's Star Trek Second Stage IDW’s Star Trek: Second Stage continues, as veteran comic artist John Byrne unveils the first-ever Star Trek series of his decades-spanning career! Spinning out of the 1968 Star Trek TV episode “Assignment Earth,” was intended by Gene Roddenberry as the pilot for a spin-off series that never came to pass, Byrne’s new series presents the series that never was, in print.

The Star Trek “Assignment Earth” episode introduced intergalactic super-spy Gary Seven, Roberta Lincoln, and Seven’s cat and partner Isisa. (Actors Robert Lansing, Teri Garr and Victoria Vetri played the TV roles in the original). The crew from the Starship: Enterprise time warped back to 1968 where Kirk, Spock and the others encountered Seven.

Now Byrne brings the late Roddenberry’s dream to life, delivering the series 40 years after it would have debuted, recounting the adventures of interstellar agent Seven and his Earth-born assistant as they “covertly confront threats to the past so that they can save Star Trek’s future.”

Byrne, a highly regarded comic book veteran and avowed Star Trek fan, will both write and draw the Assignment Earth series for IDW, which steps one year forward with each issue, beginning with 1968, the year that the spin-off series would have appeared. It will be his first full Star Trek series, following on the heels of his debut Trek comic for IDW, the Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Romulans one-shot (which will get a sequel of its own from Byrne this Fall).

“In addition to John’s ability to tell a great comic book story through his writing and art, he respects the Star Trek source material, all of which has led to one of the most fun Trek series we’ve done so far,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, “And the best part is his handling of the Gary Seven character, who was set up to be a fun, time-traveling James Bond type. Finally, forty years later, he gets his proper due.”