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Titans #2 – Review

By Judd Winick (writer), Joe Benitez (pencils), Victor Llamas (inks) & Edgar Delgado (colors)

Judd Winick continues to write a seemingly good first arc for the new Titans series with a very strong second issue. Judd Winick’s witty dialogue coupled with the gorgeous pencils of Joe Benitez make this a very fun issue.

The Titans attempt to reconnect with Raven in order to find out why someone is trying to kill the team. She quickly learns that Trigon is attempting to destroy the Titans – and he’s not alone. While this isn’t the most original plot device for a Titans book as it has been done about 1,000 times before, Winick doesn’t seem to be focused too much on the plot as he is more occupied with bringing the characters back to a more younger version of themselves.

The first issue seemed to go by too fast – I read it in five (or so) minutes. Granted, I read this one in about the same amount of time, but it was a much more fun read. Winick’s version of Beast Boy and Raven exhange some very snappy comments that had me smirking.

I know plenty of Titans fans were dismayed when they realized Winick was writing a new Titans comic, but I think he fits the series very well. He brings the book back down to what it was meant to be: a group of young adults full of sarcasm, speaking in a non-filtered way. A perfect example of this is Beast Boy’s comment to Cyborg, “Vic, you get blown up all the time.” Heh.

Joe Benitez, where have you been? The opening action sequence is uber-gory with the usual Benitez mayhem. However, his pride and joy has to be the full page devoted to Trigon himself. Benitez’s version is much different, showing Trigon in a much more vulnerable and weakened state. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Benitez from his work on Wraithborn and the issue of Detective Comics that he penciled. He finds an excuse to draw Batman yet again in this issue and shows that he should get a shot at a run on a Batman book.

Overall, nice continuation of the current arc. I just hope Winick doesn’t lose the plot and maintains the good balance he created in this issue. (Grade: B+)

-Robert Hyland

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