By Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Khoi Pham (pencils), Danny Miki (inks), Dean White (colors)

I understand that Marvel loves to have characters with flaws, but this is ridiculous. The Sentry is the lamest super hero on the Avengers roster, and Brian Bendis, refusing to kill him, finally gives us a legitimate reason as to why Tony Stark keeps him on the team. Yep, this issue is strictly about The Sentry, and I know most of you hate him as much as I, but hear me out for a moment because this issue may actually be worth your hard-earned cash.

Okay, who am I kidding? Any Sentry-centric story should never be paid for (unless it’s drawn by John Romita Jr.), but this issue teeters on that fine line due to its heavy involvement with the Secret Invasion story arc. In a nutshell, this issue discloses how the Skrulls planned to deal with our schizophrenic hero. There’s quite a lot of “talking heads” in this issue, as Jarvis uses his unlimited access to the Avengers database to compile a dossier on The Sentry (and other Avengers, I’m sure).

Eventually, all this knowledge leeds to the exploitation of Sentry’s psyche that we all witnessed in Secret Invasion #1. Personally, I could care less about how the Skrulls learned to compromise The Sentry (it’s not hard, folks!), so the first two-thirds of this book felt completely wasted. But the last third is where things get more interesting, giving us an interesting twist that’ll have readers talking for the next month.

Guest penciling the book this month is Khoi Pham, whose recent work in The Incredible Hercules has been nothing less than brilliant. Here in this book, his art feels more domestic and less exciting (sad to say). But I can hardly fault the guy, he makes The Sentry look like a complete wuss. And he is a wuss. Does that make this good storytelling? Only if you’re trying to make me hate The Sentry even more. Put this artist back where he belongs. (Grade: C-)

– J. Montes