By Brian Reed (writer), Andre Coelho (art), Chris Sotomayor (colors)

Up until the end of this issue, a lot of this Secret Invasion story happening in Ms. Marvel made little to no sense. Yes, the story is comprehensible and very straight forward, but compared to the other Secret Invasion tie-ins going on in other titles, it felt out of place, continuity-wise. No more. The last page of this issue clears it all up but left me with that lingering feeling of “Why is this story coming to us so late?!”

You see, this whole story taking place in Ms. Marvel happens just days before Secret Invasion #1. But because of how the story has been presented and feeling way out of continuity, there was no way of telling where this story fit in the grand scheme of things. Simply put, the story carried little to no weight (despite a major revelation regarding a supporting cast member). Now it all makes more sense, and while most of this issue takes place in the form of a wild goose chase, the effects it has on Ms. Marvel is profound. Finally, after years of being a very strong-willed heroine, Carol Danvers is showing chinks in her armor. The emotional toll she’s been through with the constant battles, high levels of responsibility, and the effects of Civil War are beginning to take their toll on her emotional stability. And with that, she reaches out to whomever she can for shelter, be it fleeting or not.

The art team has changed yet again with this issue, giving it an uneven feel. But fill-in artist, Andre Coelho does a very nice job portraying action and emotional elements. Despite the constant rotation of art teams, one thing that’s (thankfully) been consistent is the picking of artists who know how to draw a sweet looking Ms. Marvel. That definitely counts for something. All in all, this issue caps what’s been a lackluster Secret Invasion tie-in with a strong finish. I’m definitely on board to see what happens next. (Grade: B-)

– J. Montes