By Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Leinil Yu (pencils), Mark Morales (inks), Laura Martin (colors)

It’s going to be hard to get into the heart of this issue since most of it’s a barrage of fight scenes. But, this is exactly what Secret Invasion #2 should have been. With StarkTech and SHIELD’s infrastructure crippled, we finally get to see the higher end results of the Skrull invasion. In a nutshell, they make short work of many of Earth’s heroes and defenses. There’s little in terms of plot payoffs, but the amount of heroes that get slaughtered is quite staggering. Also, Spider-Woman, feeling quite confident with her invasion plan comes out in the open and boy does she mess with Tony Stark.

Brian Bendis keeps things short with this issue. There’s minimal use of talking heads, banter, and useless dialogue. Instead he hands the reins over to Leinil Yu. The result of this is a more streamlined story that will be quickly digested. People may complain about this, but really, what do you expect? There’s only so much talking that can be done during a war (unless Spidey’s around).

By the way, Yu’s art is impeccable. It seems like he really took his time with this issue and focused his efforts into storytelling. Much of this can be witnessed when the Skrulls are communicating between themselves in their native tongue. Mark Morales has been doing a wonderful job inking over Yu’s pencils and reinforces the fact that Yu’s art must always be inked! The polish on display here is even more stunning than previously and Yu’s rendition of Spider-Woman’s to die for. The battles feel large in scale and the hits our heroes take are brutal. Credit must also be given to colorist Laura Martin who doesn’t wash out the art is moody tones or over-coloring. It all just feels perfect.

After dropping the ball with last issue, it’s nice to see this book back with its legs. We get minimal time with the Savage Land and more time with Earth’s other heroes. Plus, the reemergence of Nick Fury is grand. But what’s with the Rob Liefeld “bigger than me” gun? (Grade: A-)