By Jay Faerber (Writer), Mahmoud Asrar (Art), and Ron Riley (Colors)

This latest chapter of Dynamo 5 is a bit difficult to review. It hits all the right notes that makes me a fan of the series while at the same time leaving me disappointed by the direction the story seems to be taking. I have a feeling that I would have gotten more out of this one had I been more into the Jay Faerber’s superhero universe.

Picking up where things left off last month, the latest Dynamo 5 is all about the action. The bulk of the issue follows Scrap and the mysterious heroine Vigil as they work to control the chaos that has enveloped Tower City since the team disbanded. There is a short segment featuring a confrontation between Scatterbrain and Visionary, but, in all honesty, it feels tacked on just to break up the action scenes.

As is the norm, the writing is sharp and the artwork is a treat. Faerber’s writing takes a bit of a back seat due to the constant action, but he still manages to do what he does best. The dynamic between Scrap and Vigil is a lot of fun to read, though I wish the scene at the football game had been saved for another issue. Visually, I really don’t have any complaints, though it surprised me how much fan-service Asrar provides (not that I mind!). The costumes of the female characters aren’t exactly subtle in this series, but it seems as though this issue is more heavy on the sexuality than normal. Also, props to Ron Riley for his fantastic color work. Everything really jumps off the page.

I’ll openly admit that I was late to the Dynamo 5 party, but am I ever glad I decided to show up. While I am a bit disappointed with where things may be headed, this is still one of the best reads out there. Jay Faerber’s story about the illegitimate children of Captain Dynamo is a great combination of clever writing, slick art, and lots of heart. The characters have depth, the action is well done, and the concept alone is worth the price of admission. If you haven’t been reading it, do yourself a favor and pick up the two trades so you can see what all the fuss is about. (Grade B-)

-Kyle Posluszny