By Garth Ennis (writer), Jacen Burrows (art), Greg Waller (colors)

Other than Wolfskin, I haven’t read any other books from Avatar Press. But priced at only $1.00, I had to give Garth Ennis’ Crossed a try. Now, if you know who Garth Ennis is you shouldn’t be surprised when your senses are assaulted with a morbid amount of violence and strange happenings. Having read Ennis’ offerings on Preacher, The Boys, and The Punisher, I thought I’d be prepared with what was to come my way. Boy, was I wrong. In fact, this book is just wrong.

Maybe I was too softened by making my last Ennis reading the one of Dan Dare – a book that’s sophisticated, perfectly scripted, and oddly tame (when compared to the usual Ennis fare).  Either way, the visuals here are nightmarish and the story will make your hands weak. I’m not sure if I’ll be back for another issue, but if I do come back it’s only because I’m a glutton for punishment (or my curiosity will get the best of me). If you’re thinking of giving Crossed a try, consider yourself warned. I know a dollar comic is awfully enticing, but do tread lightly. (Grade: B)

– J. Montes